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This crazy world

This crazy world


Runninf Time : 90′

Produced by Link’s Productions

Directed by Badreddine Mokrani
Written by Bernard Stora and Badreddine Mokrani

Christine Citti, Sophie Le Tellier, Filipe Vargas (Diego), Laurent Bateau (Alain), Pascal Elso (M. Meillassoux), Théo Bendahan (Manuel), Gaspard Meier-Chaurand (Romain)


Two friends, Manuel and Romain, 14 years old, argue with each other into the classroom. Manuel punched Romain who fell and broke his collar bone. An accident which could remain without effects if Florence, Romain’s mother, didn’t decide to turn this case into a matter of principle. Her son was victim of an attack and the person responsible must be punished. She registered two complaints : the first one against  Manuel and the second one against the High School Administration for its lack of surveillance. On one hand, student’s parents were mouved and mobilized. They saw into this quarrel an intolerable manifestation of violence inside this renowned High School. This situation required special measures. On the other hand, Teachers used this incident in order to condemn posts reductions and lacks of formation of new teachers.
This is how an ordinary argue turns into an affair of state…


Prizes and festivals

Media Prize “Enfance Majuscule“, Île-de-France Committee
Special Jury’s mention – Fiction category