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The Third Day

The Third Day

Released in 2010

Running time : 100′

Coproduced with Maybe Movies
With the participation of France Télévisions
With the support of the CNC
In partnership with Rhône-Alpes Region

Directed by Bernard Stora
Written by Bernard Stora and Mathieu Fabiani

Étienne Chicot
, Yann Ebongué, Marc Duret, Lubna Gourion, Doudou Masta , Jean-Pierre Sanchez, Mohamed Ketfi, Zaher Rehaz, Nathalie Jeannet, Fred Saurel


Léo Dembélé is 20 and his girlfriend, Manon, 18. When she gives birth to his child, Léo is determined to take his father responsibilities, and he decides to look for a job and to settle down. How will he pay for the 3,000 Euros newborn bedroom? His best friend Titi knows how. Bouba, the neighborhood boss is on something big. He needs a large SUV. Léo finds one and gets 1,000 Euros in less than an hour. Bouba also needs a skilled driver to drive the SUV the day of the holdup. As Léo dreams of being a stuntman, he appears to be the one. And when Bouba threatens his baby’s life if he refuses, he has no choice. Yacine, an educator, and Richaud, a police superintendent, have both known Leo for a long time. They try to help him out of this tight spot until men from the Criminal Investigation Department arrive from Lyon and take the case in hand. There’s no question of protecting Léo anymore…