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Manon Lescaut

Manon Lescaut

Released in 2010

Running time : 90′

Coproduced with Cipango
With the participation of France Télévisions and the support of the CNC

Directed by Gabriel Aghion
Written by Rémi Waterhouse
Based on Abbé Prévost‘s novel

Céline PerreauSamuel Theis, Xavier Gallais, Laurent Stocker with Robert Hirsch’s participation


1713, Amiens. The Knight Des Grieux is a young student, noble and wise who is about to become an Knight of Malta.  While he seems to have a great future towards him he meets Manon Lescaut, the common birth daughter of a candle maker. It’s love at first sight. Des Grieux loves her like nothing else matters. They run away together to Paris to prevent her from entering convent. In Paris, Manon finds her brother Christian, who knows, as she does, that their love is impossible. He presses her to take a riche lover, Giradin de Matois, to fulfill her desire of comfort. It is the start of an ambushed journey for both young lovers. Des Grieux is going to love her, without judging, he is going to learn cheating, stealing, killing if necessary, dragged by Marion in an endless running away.