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The Law

The Law

Released in 2014

Running Time : 93′

Produced by K’ien Productions
With the partnership of France TV, TV5MONDE, Sofitvciné 2

Directed by Christian Faure
Writtend by Fanny Burdino, Mazarine Pingeot and Samuel Doux

Emmanuelle Devos (Simone Veil), Flore Bonaventura (Diane Riestrof), Lorant Deutsch (Dominique Levert), Lannick Gautry (Remy Bourdon), Lionel Abelanski (Antoine Veil), and Aurélia Petit (Marceline Loridan)


Fall 1974, French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing puts his Health Minister, Simone Veil, in charge of a daunting task: to carry the abortion law. During three days, she will defend her text before parliamentarians with exemplary tenacity. Diane, a young journalist, makes it the subject of her first investigation, and discovers over her explorations a considerable changing of the women’s social status.