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Marjorie, right for happiness

Marjorie, right for happiness

Released in 2013

Running time: 83′

Produced by K’ien Productions
With the help from France Télévisions

Directed and written by Ivan Calbérac

Anne Charrier (Marjorie), Patrick Chesnais (Jean), Valérie Karsenti (Claire), François Vincentelli (Thibault), Mathilde Roch (Clémence)


Pretty, divorced, 40 years old and totally overwhelmed by her 13, years old daughter, Marjorie lives and works in Toulouse as a industrial psychologist. Her daily routine is disrupt, when one of the employees, Jean Penchenat, tries to kill himself, a day after he had an interview with Marjorie. Overwhelmed by guilt, she decides to quit her job and to help Jean. Widower, fifty-ish years old, he refuses every therapy, but suffering deeply of loneliness he accepts to be help to find his soul-mate.
Against his will, Marjorie, whom considers her private life as a huge sentimental disaster, will, step by step become a date advisor…