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Collective Black Thursday

Collective Black Thursday

Release in 2013

Running time : 89′

Co-produced with Touscoprod

Directed and written by Marie Maffre


While the housing crisis has never been so tough, that thousands of people sleep on the street or in substandard housing, the collective Black Thursday invests empty buildings to house youth and families.
After two years of investigation to share the daily life of committed activists and badly housed, Mary shows her willingness to communicate and rewarding human experience. This documentary tells the adventure of the intrepid members of everyday Black Thursday which nothing could escape the camera of our director (scouting locations, occupations, resistance to law enforcement, investigative sites, organizations of cultural events, daily life, expulsions), even until it is in custody of 2 March 2012. Squats are often painted in a derogatory manner but it is not too frequently they illustrate alternative spaces in which sharing and mutual support are an essential keystone. Those sometimes regarded as mere marginal strive, through squats, working for a just cause and sincere. In fact, they live there, including campaigning, they denounced it and propose solutions to solve the housing crisis.
Through life profoundly collective who invents these places, the film embodies a possible forgotten: that of common, shared and mutual.