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Marjorie, Il était une Foi

Marjorie, Il était une Foi


Running Time : 90 ‘

Produced by France Télévisions & K’ien Productions
With the help of Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur & CNC

A series created by Ivan CALBERAC
Directed by Mona ACHACHE
Written by Ivan Calbérac, Mona Achache, Cécile Berger et Fabien Adda

Anne Charrier (Marjorie), Alex Brendemühl (Père François), Marie Guillard (Charlotte) Mathieu Madénian (Thomas Loubet), François Vincentelli (Thibault), Mathilde Roch (Clémence)


François always lived in the love of God, until his meeting with Charlotte. This attraction pushes him out of the Church and bring him back to civil life.
But in this tumultuous way to become a common mortal again and give a new meaning to his existence, he will need the help of Marjorie.