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A child in danger

A child in danger

Released in 2013

Running time : 90′

Produced by K’ien Productions
With the help from France Télévisions

Directed by Jérôme Cornuau
Written by Sandro Agénor, from Hélène Couturier‘s book « Tu l’aimais quand tu m’as fait ? »

Aure Atika (Rebecca), Claire Borotra (Christelle), Arié Elmaleh (Mathieu), Lannick Gautry (Fabien), Hichem Yacoubi (Selim), Timothée Tremblais (Joachim), Karine Monneau (Solange Duval), Alex Descas (André)


Rebecca is a cop. She is working at the juvenile delinquency division of Toulouse, with Ab’Fab and Sélim under the direction of André Destar. She could live in this routine that feeds much as it consumes her, for a long time, but one day Matthieu Francoeur comes to the division. His son, Joachim is missing, with his mum, Christelle, whom he is separated from. Matthieu is an attentive and dedicated father, he pretends to want the good of his child above everything. But something is wrong. Seven years before, Rebecca has seen this man, facing his ex-wife and his child. The violence, mute and brutal, against Christelle, was enough for Rebecca to remember it seven years after.
Since then, Rebecca committed herself, like she never did before, in this case. She has one obsession: how Christelle, such a quiet woman, would have turned into transgression by abducting her child out of the Schengen space for, as Matthieu says, subtracting him to a court decision ordering his placement?