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You are beautiful, you..

You are beautiful, you are young


Running Time : 100 minutes

a coproduction KOI Films & Phénomène Pictures & K’ien Productions & ALTA Media Productions

With the participation of CNC

With the participation of TV5MONDE

With the help of PROCIREP

A film by  Franchin DON

Scenario by Tarik NOUI & Franchin DON

Original Soundtrack by Axel GUENOUN

Gérard DARMON (Lucius), Josiane BALASKO (Mona), Patrick BOUCHITEY (Aldo), Denis LAVANT (M. LOYAL), Vincent WINTERHALTER (Lahire), Victor BELMONDO (Alexandre), Cyrille ELDIN (Costa)



Lucius, 73, lives alone and modestly with a meager retirement. During a visit to the doctor, he learns that he will lose his autonomy.
One day, returning from a funeral, Lucius meets Lahire, a man who offers him to improve his meager daily by participating in boxing fighting between old men.
By necessity, but also by fascination for the universe he discovers Lucius accepts the proposition.
Through this strange experience, Lucius’ life will be completely upset …






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