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Strictly platonic

Strictly platonic

Released in 2010

Running time : 26′ (26 episodes)

Produced by K’ien Productions

Directed by Stephan Kopecky
Screenplay :Alice Abourgeli, Marie Belhomme, Nassim Ben Allal, Michel Catz, Pantxo Eyherabide, Floriane Giordana, Anne-Charlotte Kassab, Olivier Laneurie, John Mcilduff, Alexandre Nistri, Hélène Richet, Rodolphe Tissot et Eric Verat

Baptiste Lecaplain, Edith Miatti, Fabien Ara, Capucine Lespinas, Audrey Giacomini, Sébastien Giray, Marion Stamegna, Willy Cartier, Nabiha Akari, Candice Lartigue


Which teenager never dreamt of being talented, popular and free? To have better grades, get more time to chill out or have more success with girls If it were possible to grant every wish would life be any simpler?  That’s what Hugo, a 16 years old teenager, will discover the day he comes into possession of a magic book, the Khifu, the Book of Destiny. This book allows him to modify and control the future.