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Released in 2002

Running Time : 90’

Coproduced with Arte, France 2, Caravan Films, TSR and LINK’S Productions
With the support of the CNC, the Office Fédérale de la Culture Suisse, Teleproduktion Fond and the Department of Affaires Culturelles du Canton de Fribourg

Directed by Christian Karcher 
Written by Laurence Mermoud and Christian Karcher

Patrick Raynal (Numa), Jean-Baptiste Anoumon (Vico Aymoz), Laurent Sandoz (John Spicher), Natacha Koutchoumov (Juliette Spicher)


At the death of Virgile, Numa his faithful friend invites John Spicher, director of the village dairy and Virgile’s sworn enemy. He announces him that he cannot purchase the land and properties of Virgile he has been wanting since a long time, because against all expectations, Virgile has an heir. The day of the funeral, everyone discover that Virgile’s son, Vico, is mixed-raced. He just arrived from Benin where he grew up. Spicher believes that he will be able to swindle him and buy the land for almost nothing. But Vico is far smarter than he seems to be. As he discovers his vast belongings, Numa warns him that Virgile’s last demand were to never sell the property. Vico is disappointed. He came to sell and go back wealthy in Africa not to get use to a new culture and to a tradition he almost doesn’t know anything about.