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Very opposite sexes

Very opposite sexes

Released in 2002

Running Time : 86’

Co-produced with AT-Production (Belgium), LINK’S Productions, Canal +, Natexis Banques Populaires Images and GIMAGES 4.
Distributed by K’IEN Distribution

Directed and Written by Eric Assous

Charlotte de Turckheim, Patrick Chesnais, Antoine Dulery, Elisa Tovaty, Arnaud Simon, Roxanne Mesquida, Thierry Ashanti


Love takes two people. To break up, one is enough!
That’s all the drama in love breakups. Relationships arise, grow and die. Those that remain eternals only exist in mythology. This is the story of four couples from different ages and kind that will broach inconstancy and fragility of feelings as well as sexual faults of our contemporaries. The third Millennium still hasn’t settled the conflict that opposes men to women. 



Prize and festivals

Jury Prize at the 2002 Philadelphia Festival
“Exploitants” Prize at the 2002 Saint-Malo Festival