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The intrepid Eleonore

The intrepid Eleonore

Released in 2011

Running time : 90′

Produced by Kien productions

Directed by Ivan Calbérac
Written by Anne-Charlotte Kassab, Éric Delafosse et Ivan Calbéra

Valentine Catzéflis
(Eléonore), Marc Ruchmann (Renaud), Pierre Cassignard (Tristan), Frédéric Pierrot (Gaspard), Pascal Elso (Liancourt) …


Eléonore is only 5 years old when her mother, Madeleine, is murdered, victim of a Royal Police plot, and her brother kidnaped. Still alive by mistake, the blacksmith’s daughter being killed instead of her, Eléonore is taken in by the father who teach her arms drill. 1682 : Eléonore is now 20, she became an attractive woman with a sturdy character. She’s never at a loss for words, and swore to struggle against injustice. Crack swordsman, she wears a mask to fight against the abuse of power of the new quartermaster. Her encounter with Tristan de Fressanges will change her destiny : escaped from the Galley, he is back for revenge after being unjustly sentenced for the murder of Madelein her lover. Eléonore decide to form an alliance with him in order to find the real murderer of her mother, and discover by the same way the secret of her origins. For that, she will need to confront the handsome and courageous Renaud, the guard chief and also son of Liancourt, who court her at the village but who swore to capture the mysterious masked avenger. With a sword, Eléonore is ready to face every risks… But will she take the risk to fall in love?