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She-wolf (Ep 02)

She-wolf (Ep 02)

Fall to seventh circle

Released in 2008

Running Time : 92’

Produced by Link’s Productions
With the participation of France 3, 13ème Rue and the CNC
With the support of the Aquitaine Region, Procirep, the ANGOA-AGICOA

Directed by Bruno Bontzolakis
Written by Mireille Lanteri

Elisabeth Vitali, Patrick Catalifo, Franck Adrien, Gaëla Le Devehat


When Alexandre Jussac, Regional Council’s President, is found dead, the local political sphere is shaken. Indeed Jussac was going to testify at a trial for corruption involving important notables. Yet, for Louve, as for Attar, crime mobile remains unclear. Shouldn’t they suspect his daughter Isabelle, young thirty years old woman unable to emerge from the shadow of her father, or his son, Valéry, who would have wanted so much to prove him what he was capable of.  And what about those pictures, strange testimonies of crimes committed in town, sent by an anonymous, do they have a link with the case ?