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Peaceful Women

Peaceful Women

Released in 2008

Running Time : 90’

Co-produced with Stromboli Pictures, R.T.B.F and Fildebroc production
With the participation of the CNC

Directed by Thierry Binisti
Written by Daniel Tonachella and Isabelle de Botton

Line Renaud, Pierre Mondy, Richard Sammel, Simon Boyle, Nadine Marcovici


1943, France is occupied. But at Louise, you would almost forget it: soldiers at the bar are almost clients like others, and if the only way to serve tasty food is to shop at black market, no one finds anything wrong about it. Some words, yet, will break this serenity: whispered calls for help by an injured English parachutist whom Louise decides to save. Helped by Emile, half friend, half lover, she moves the soldier down to her cave, where she hides him, despite more pressing danger every day. Without realizing it Louise just got over to Resistance…