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No Harm Done

No Harm Done

Released in 2013

Running Time : 52′

Produced by K’ien Productions
With the participation of TV5Monde

Directed and written by Nadia El Fani et Alina Isabel Pérez


My rebelliousness grows trough my family history, it is not trivial to be a daughter of Communists, I feel a deep need and desire for freedom. I always thought that my films only spoke of it: THE FREEDOM. During the filming of “Laicité Inch’Allah!” I have no choice. I confront the Islamists: war is declared ! In parallel, I discovered the corridors of the Tenon Hospital in November, in Paris. I must therefore face a second enemy: my Cancer. Why should I have made a film ? I wanted to explain the “repercusions of my previous movie”? Its allows me to continue the fight and saying, once again, that “those who live are those who fight” (Victor Hugo).