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From the Frog with Love

From the Frog with Love

Released in 2012

Running Time : 52′

Coproduced with France Télévisions, HISTOIRE and ECPAD
With the participation of Public Sénat

Directed and written by Laurent Ducastel and Cédric Tourbe


Discover the story of a very special man: with 87 years on the clock, the man is still dashing. Robert “Bob” Maloudier is a spy but also a survivor, and was taken for dead at least three times during his long career. A legend of the intelligence services, his life has been so intense that there would be material for at least four or five adventure novels. The man can boast an outstanding survival instinct, he is a born seducer, has a great sense of humor and displays a perfect mastery of the “Queen’s English”. But he is also a paratrooper, a frogman, a marksman, a fighter pilot… Although he is no longer in business, he still keeps a close watch on his flock, his ‘little ones’ as he calls them and every year, he indulges in a short speech in front of each class of combat divers, the elite of the Intelligence Services of the French Republic.  Once a spy, forever a spy. 
This documentary will take you from the assassination of Admiral Darlan in 1942 in Algiers to Maloubier’s recruitment in Churchill’s SOE, from his demolition missions behind the German lines to the total destruction of his network by a triple agent. Now serving as a sabotage instructor for the Maquis Limousin Resistance agents to slow down Das Reich, now helping reconquer Laos occupied by the Japanese forces, Maloubier has created the « Frogman » squad (combat divers), he lived through the first casualties of the cold war or the secret war against the Algerian National Liberation Front weapons dealers. He has traveled the world,  from Paris and the streets of Pigalle with gangster Jo Attia, to a hideout deep into the forests of Gabon,  from serving in the Biafra war to working as an a adviser for the oil company Elf…