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Released in 2009

Running Time : 83’

Produced by K’IEN Productions
Distributed by Zelig Films

Directed and written by Jean-Louis Milesi

Lino Milesi, Jean-Louis Milesi, Jean-Jerôme Esposito, Ged Marion, Serge Riaboukine, Aurélie Vérillon


“I am two years old and I don’t speak. But I can say Daddy. I know many other things, such as getting out of my bed in a few seconds or that you shouldn’t piss off my dad when he is filling a Sudoku grid. The only thing I don’t know is why my daddy is boxing alone in the bathroom. Why he plays with a gun. And why he doesn’t want me to call him daddy.
Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Lino. Yes, like Lino Ventura.”



Prizes and festivals

Special Prize of the Jury at the International Festival SKIP CITY 2008
Nominated at the 2008 Torino Film Festival
Nominated at the 2007 International Movie Festival of Montpellier