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Classy people

Classy people

Released in 1996

Running Time : 90’

Co-produced with France 2, Canal +, RTBF and K2
With the support of the CNC

Directed by Alain Nahum
Written by Danièle Thompson and François-Olivier Rousseau

Michèle Morgan(Geneviève), Didier Flamand (Pierre), Marie Bunel (Nathalie), Mélanie Thierry (Agathe)


At an age where many are already retired, Geneviève Deville keeps directing the family leather store. Her two sons, her daughter, their husbands and wives and all her grandchildren know that no one should be in contradiction with her. No one but Agathe, fourteen years old, who disappear after wrecking her dad’s office. Stunned, Geneviève suddenly opens her eyes. She knows nothing about her family’s life. She starts investigating and learns a lot… The misfortune continues when the Deville’s company suffers a hostile takeover bid. Geneviève has to fight against all her issues.