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Between these hands

Between these hands

Released in 1995

Running Time : 90’

Co-produced with France 2
With the support of the CNC, of the European Community 16/9 Plan and of the Cultural Office of Marseille

Written by Daniel Riche and Georges Lautner
Directed by Arnaud Selignac

Sophie Duez (Muriel), Olivier Sitruk (Mathieu), Dominique Bluzet (Losovsky), Sylvie Ferro (Geneviève), Serge Sauvion  (Foulquié),  Jean-Marie Lemaire (Perceval)


A small country town hospital, a day like any other one in the operation room, skilled doctors performing a common operation and suddenly…a drama. A woman died victim of an odious botched job that looks like a vengeance. The guilty one is in the hospital. This fiction doesn’t question seriousness and ethic of people healing us but stages complex behaviors and various feelings that can lead to the worse.