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01 Jan 2012

« The destiny of Halles » directed by Vladimir Vasak

Kien produced its first Web Documentary. With “Têtes raides”‘s song and Robert Doisneau’s photographies, Vladimir Vasak helps us to understand the “tragic” destiny of Halles of Paris.

01 Jan 2011

« Gordji’s Affair » directed by Guillaume Nicloux

Kien produced its first  TV Film for Canal + Original Creation. It recounts the Mitterand-Chirac coalition during the Rennes Street’s Attack in 1986.

01 Jan 2011

« Secularism Inch’Allah »

For her first Documentary, Kien supports Nadia El Fani on her Freedom of thought quest which she always dreamed about for a Tunisie in the grip of Revolution.

01 Jan 2011

« The wings of Johnny May » directed by Marc Fafard

After long years of development and extreme shooting conditions, “The Wings of Johnny May, the first 3D Documentary finally sees the light of the day. A pilot flew his small plane over northern Quebec. He saw dogsleds, tents and igloos, a people whose way of life had changed little over thousands of years.

01 Jan 2010

« Strictly Platonic » directed by Michel Catz

First step into Sitcoms with this fantasy and off-the-wall humor serie for France Television ( 26 x 26′)

01 Jan 2008

« Azad » directed by Nicolas Tackian

Kien produced “Azad”,it first movie mixing shots and animation (Jean-Jacques Prunes).

01 Jan 2007

« Comrades »

With “Comrades” Kien produced its first mini-serie for France Television (3 x 90′).

22 Jan 2006

« For God Sake »

Kien produced “For God Sake” its first TV serie for ARTE France, directed by Zakia and Ahmed Bouchaala.

22 Jan 2004

French Television Producer Award 2004

David Kodsi received the Procirep French television Producer Award at the Luchon Festival.

22 Jan 2003

End of the Expand Adventure

End of the Expand Adventure, Kien Productions get back its independance.