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18 Jul 2016

“Marjorie, l’âge de raison”

The shooting of “Marjorie, l’âge de raison” start 06/07/2016 !

08 Jun 2016

“Marjorie, jamais sans ma mère”

a little reminder about the broadcasting tonight of "Marjorie, jamais sans ma mère" Wednesday 8 june 2016 at 20.55 pm on France 2 Channel
01 Jun 2016

“Marjorie, l’âge de raison”

The next episode will once again take place in Marseille! We will very soon reveal who Marjorie's next "patient" will be ! Stay alert !
20 May 2016

“Marjorie, the weight of appearances”

Wednesday 1st June 2016 at 20.55 pm on France 2 Channel  
07 Apr 2016
06 Apr 2016

“A child in danger” broadcasting

A little reminder about « A child in danger » broadcasting, directed by Jérôme Cornuau  , tonight at 20.55 pm on France 2 ! Meanwhile, you could read this article appears  today on the Figaro. Enjoy reading !
09 Mar 2016

“Plessis’ girls”, a confirmed success !

After the Luchon's Festival enthusiasm, The "Plessis' Girls" confirms its success on TV by generating an historical audience share for the public channel France 3. 
03 Mar 2016

Congratulations !

Congratulations Bénédicte! Big up to all the movie team and all kien productions staff
01 Jan 2016
17 Dec 2015

Marjorie – Le poids des apparences

The shooting of Marjorie - "Appearance's issue"- in Marseille, directed by Ivan Calberac and starring Bruno Solo is finally over ! We'll discover soon Marjorie (Anne Charrier) comes to Gregoire's rescue (Bruno Solo), a man of around forty and as much extrapounds !