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United States of Albert

United State of Albert

Released in 2006

Running Time : 90’

Co produced with Thalie (Quebec), LINK’s productions, France 2 Cinéma, Bohemian Film (Switzerland), Téléfilm Canada
Distributed by K’IEN Distribution

Directed by André Forcier
Written by André Forcier and Linda Pinet

Starring Emilie Duquenne, Eric Bruneau, André Ferreol, Roy Dupuis, Laurent Deshusses, Alex Descas


1926. It is the story of a young French Canadian, Albert Renaud, who decides to leave his home country to conquer Hollywood. He has a letter of recommendation written by Jane Pickford, his old teacher, to her niece Mary Pickford. Jane, in exchange of this passport to celebrity, begs for a love kiss and literally succumbs to him. Albert immediately boards the Silver Bullet, train that will lead him to Los Angeles, carrying the innocence of a young man full of hope and ignoring everything of the adventures and encounters that he will face.