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The one who stays

The one who stays

Released in 2004

Running time : 96′

Produced by Link’s Productions
With the participation of France 2, TV5MONDE the Festival TV Chanel and the CNC
With the support of the Limousin Region, Procirep, the ANGOA-AGICOA
Co-financed by the European Community within the framework of the Leader + Accueil Millevaches Program

Directed and written by Virginie Sauveur

Justine Jouxtel (Alice), Julie Depardieu (Jeanne), Julien Boisselier (Alain)


Alice isn’t a teenager like others; she is physically handicapped at her left leg. Despite this handicap, she has a crazy hope: to be able to run again and go fast, feeling like “flying”. During this summer, while every village children left to seaside, she remains alone at the family farm with her mother and grandfather.  Alice soon cannot stand isolation and her mother overprotection… Yet, the arrival of a small athletics team is going to change things. Her encounter with Alain, the coach, and Vincent, a sickly 10 years old, allows her to be aware of her body and its abilities. Step by step Alice learns not to be afraid and achieves a real physical and familial freeing. Alice can finally make her dream come true, she “flies”…