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The man who comes from somewhere else

The man who comes from somewhere else

Released in 2004

Running Time : 90 minutes

Coproduced with France 2
With the participation of TV5 Monde, the Festival Channel and the CNC
With the support of Poitou-Charentes Region and the Charente-Maritime Department, of the Procirep and of the ANGOA-AGICOA

Directed by François Luciani
Original idea by Michel Martens
Written by Virginie Brac

Alex Descas, Jérôme Anger, Barbara Schultz and Laure Marsac‘s participation


At the end of 19th century, Doctor Pierre Adélaïde, born in Martinique, gets to a small village in Charente to take over from a colleague. Soon, he is facing something else than racism: fear of foreigner. His office is desperately empty. When saving the Mayor’s daughter life he finally wins the trust of village residents. But it isn’t enough to convert hearts and spirits to tolerance.



Prizes and Festivals

Luchon TV Festival 2004 – Best Supporting Actress for Laure Marsac
Luchon TV Festival 2004 – Public Prize
Nominated to the Europa Prize at Berlin 2004