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Shared feelings

Shared feelings

Released in 2002

Durée : 90 minutes

Co-produced with TF1, RTBF, AT-Production
With the support of CNC, the Procirep, and the Cinema and Audiovisual French and Belgium Community Center and of the Télédistributeurs Wallons

Directed by Daniel Janneau
Written by Éric Assous, Nicole Jamet and Sophie Baren

Yves Renier, Valérie Kaprisky, Francis Perrin, Babsie Steger, Philippe Drecq


Lisa leaves her husband after spotting him with his mistress. She lets everything behind her and leaves with a bag and her portfolio, the only thing that remains of the interior designer career she sacrificed to become a housewife.  Still in shock, she forgets the portfolio at a bus stop, next to Stéphane who gets it back. Stéphane is also dazed after spotting his mistress with another man. Lisa starts to look for a job, but she cannot help to hang around her apartment. She runs into Stéphane, who came to get her portfolio back. Afterwards, Stéphane meets Lisa by accident in a restaurant. It turns out to be a very pleasant evening. They then make the decision to stay friends. But the lover of Daniele, Lisa’s sister, decides to impose himself. Lisa, unable to find a room in a hotel, has to put the friendship in jeopardy by asking Stéphane for his hospitality. As it is only friendship the rules of cohabitation are easy to establish. However they will not be as simple to follow.