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Runs away

Runs away

Released in 2000

Running Time : 90’

Co-produced with France 2, RTBF and K2
With the support of the CNC, the Procirep, the Centre du Cinema and Audiovisual French and Belgium Community Center and of the Télédistributeurs Wallons

Directed by Marion Sarraut
Written by Christian Bouveron

Marc Duret (Vincent), Jim Redler (Jo), Michel Jonasz (Tremblay)


Jo, a 13 years old boy who doesn’t know his father and whom mother died at his birth, decides to run away. He runs away looking for a dad who doesn’t even know he exists. His trip will lead him to discover his dad is also dead. This misfortune will lead Jo to troubles with justice but also to sincere friendships with people he will meet along the way.