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News from children

News from children

Releaesed in 2001

Running Time : 90’

Co-produced with France 3
With the support of CNC and the Procirep

Directed by Daniel Janneau
Screenplay by Michel Martens

Bernard Verley (Lucien), Danièle Lebrun (Jeanne), Caroline Baehr (Valérie)


Lucien Tournier has served in the merchant marine for more than thirty-five years as chief technician. At almost sixty years old he finds out he has a colon cancer. He immediately wants to visit his children, a boy and two girls. They’re older now and he only saw them a few times over the years. Today they almost are strangers to him. So he wants to spend time with them and maybe learn to love them. It is the story of the funny journey a father makes to catch up with his children.