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Marjorie, never without…

Marjorie, never without my mother


Running Time : 90′

Produced by K’ien Productions

Directed by Mona Achache

Screenplay : Soline Delmas et Fabienne Lesieur
Dialogue : Ivan Calbérac et Xavier Daugreilh

Anne Charrier
(Marjorie), Pascale Arbillot (Louise), Valérie Karsenti (Claire), Alice de Lencquesaing (Virginie), Francois Vincentelli (Thibaut)


Louise, an antique dealer and a 20-year widow, has never rebuilt her life. This grizzled hair lady with her old fashion look  doesn’t bother anyone. The truth is people barely notice her. Except Louise only is 43 years old… If she wants to look like an old lady, men’s eyes are a true danger. A threat which terrorize her. Furthermore, she is unbearable with her daughter’s love life, Virginie, who prefers to hide it from her mother. However, when Florian, Virginie’s boyfriend, had to move to Brussels with her, Virginie will feel guilty thinking about letting her mother on her own… Or losing the man she loves.  Fortunately, mother and daughter will cross Marjorie’s road…