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Like a bad memory

Like a bad memory

Released in 2009

Running time : 90′

Coproduced with France 3 and Link’s Productions
Directed and written by André Chandelle

Christine Citti, Bruno Putzulu, Serge Riaboukine, Pascal Elso, Marianne Basler, Lola Naymark


The city of Marseille is in a state of shock. Angèle, a depressive, alcoholic fifty-something has thrown herself out of a downtown window. Her violent death prompts the return of an infamous figure from the city’s past: Romain Garraud, recently released from prison having served 15 years for the rape of an underage girl. The victim, Isabelle, Angèle’s daughter, was 8 years old when the offence took place. Romain and Angèle were lovers. He claims that she used her own daughter to wreak revenge on him during their break-up. He hopes to prove his innocence and have his case reviewed. Jeanne, the lawyer he turns to, says she will do everything in her power to help him. At her own risk…