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Isabelle disappeared

Isabelle disappeared

Released in 2011

Running time : 90′

Produced by Link’s Productions and EuropaCorp TV
With the participation of France Télévisions
With the support of Région Rhône Alpe

Directed and written by Bernard Stora

Line Renaud (Jeanne d’Orval), Bernard Le Coq (Barsac), Théo Frilet (Antonin), Patrick Bouchitey (Fombreuse)


Isabelle, 19 years old, is Jeanne d’Orval’s adopted daughter. The young lady disappeared on the morning of All Saints’ Day, while she was leaving for the church service. Mister de Barsac is the investigator for the case. With his assistant, Antonin, they use all the available scientific technology of the time in order to unveil the truth of this mysterious disappearance.