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For God Sake

For God Sake

Released in 2006

Running time : 90′

Coproduced with Arte France
With the participation of TV5MONDE, the CNC
With the support of the Ile de France Region

Directed and written by Zakia and Ahmed Bouchaala

Rachid Hami (Kévin), Leïla Bekhti (Meriem) Smaïn (Abdel), Farida Rahouadj (Saïda), Khalid Maadour (Salah), Cyrille Thouvenin (Bilal)


Kévin-Mohamed, 17 years old, doesn’t really find his place in society. Until the day he discovers that Meriem, a young girl in his class, take off her veil to go to school. Intrigued, Kevin follows her. At Meriem contact, Kevin changes, he finds out more about Coran, prayer and his life enlightens. Kévin, under Coran’s light lives a great love story, shakes his habits and the ones of his family. When Meriem leaves him for a trip back to her country, he gets carried away. He wants to purify again and again, to put light in his life and the ones of his beloved… to put light until it burns… For the love of God.



Prize and Festivals

Grand Prize for the best european movie at the New-York Festival – 2006
TV5MONDE Prize for the best full-lenght  feature film at the Festival Cinema Tout Ecran – Genève, 2006