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Released in 2007

Running time : 3 x 90′

Produced by Kien productions
In Partnership with Eurovision Fiction
With the participation of France 2 and theRAI
With the support of Limousin Region and the Commission Régionale du Film Limousin

Directed by François Luciani
Written by Virginie Brac and Michel Martens

Valérie Donzell
i (Julie), Vanessa Gravina (Anna), Laure Marsac ( Marion), Jean-Michel Portal (Georges), Olivier Sitruk (Pierre), Malik Zidi (François) Avec la participation de Valérie Mairesse et Didier Bezace


They are six: three girls and three boys, resistance fighter among the firsts, brave and passionate. At Liberation, they are twenty years old. Everything differentiates them: their social origin, their temper and their ambition. Two things tie them together: communism and friendship. Between 1945 and 1965, society is changing and so are they. Work, couple, children are fights that are won or lost; ideals are jeopardize but friendship is still there, stronger than ever. For better or for worse.