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Farewell Shanghaï

FAREWELL SHANGHAÏ (ADIEU SHANGHAÏ) is an international mini-series (6 x 52 minutes), english spoken, that re-lay on an original and exceptional coproduction between Europe, China and Israël.

Adapted from the eponymous novel of Angel Wagenstein, the series is developped and directed by Radu Mihaileanu (« Le Concert », « Live and Become », « The source »)

Kien Productions support this ambicious project in coproduction with Gaumont Telévision and association with France Télévisions.

It also enjoys to have the support of PROCIREP and Creative Europe MEDIA of European Union

The series was announced at the press conference of France Televisions during festival de la fiction de la Rochelle 2018. (https://www.programme-tv.net/news/series-tv/214741-adaptation-de-guillaume-musso-ou-enki-bilal-fictions-historiques-faits-de-societe-les-grands-projets-de-france-televisions-pour-la-fiction/)


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