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15 Feb 2018

“L’affaire des Vermiraux” – Avallonnians, Thank you !

Monday 12th February, a ceremony of thanks for Avallon’s residents has been organized with the presence of Philippe Niang, the filming team and the local elected representatives. The article can be found on the website of L’Yonne Républicaine by clicking on the picture. A donation of 3.000 euros has been gave to CCAS of Avallon, like a grateful and thank gesture towards all the Avallonians.
02 Feb 2018

“L’affaire des Vermiraux” – Pictures again !

An article on the website of France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté will give you additional details about the filming. Bonus : a video of the reporting !  
26 Jan 2018

“L’affaire des Vermiraux” – in Avallon’s cemetery

Delphine Martin, journalist for France Bleu Auxerre, went on the filming of the TV movie Juge Courage, l’affaire des Vermireaux. Find her article on the website of France Bleu, and her audio reporting here.    

18 Jan 2018

“L’affaire des Vermiraux” – We talk about it in L’Yonne Républicaine

Philippe Niang presented his movie, by the side of Gaëlle Laurent, regional delegate of the Reception office of filming and Agnès Joreau, culture assistant of Avallon’s town. You can find this presentation of “L’affaire des Vermireaux” on the website of L’Yonne Républicaine. Enjoy your reading !   Philippe Niang present his movie by the side of Gaëlle Laurent
11 Dec 2017

“L’affaire des Vermiraux” – Didier Arnaud’s investigation

Didier Arnaud, Writer and reporter at Liberation, published a very interesting investigation on the obstinacy of a woman in search of her past stayed mysterious. Marie-Laure Las Vergnas, discovered in 1998, in family archives, Mathieu Tamet’s testimony, her great-grandfather, in charge of the Public Assistance  for Avallon’s region at the time of vermireaux’s case. Intimates books reveal this insane story, and condemn for the first time, for corruption associated with collective violences on children, the managers of an institution. Find […]

15 Nov 2017

Shooting “L’affaire des Vermireaux”

We are proud to annonce  the shooting of Philippe Niang’s tv movie “L’affaire des Vermireaux” in région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté from 18 January 2018 !

24 Oct 2017

News from “Farewell Shangaï”

At the Mipcom 2017 in Cannes, Variety.com interviewed Takis Candilis about Banijay’s group international partnership, including the series “Farewell Shangaï”, currently developped by Kien productions. The link to this article tells you a little bit more about this international project, adaptation of Angel Wagenstein’s book and directed by Radu Mihaileanu Banijay Group Ramps Up Scripted Output with Drama Projects From Tom Fontana, Radu Mihaileanu (EXCLUSIVE)      

07 Sep 2017

“Elles…les filles du Plessis” replay

You can download the press about this release, right here         

05 May 2017
01 Apr 2017

“Elles…les filles du Plessis” @ COLCOA French Film Festival

The entire team of Kien productions is proud to announce that